The mission team exists to promote and facilitate the ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ cross-culturally and globally.


First, we believe that planting local churches is the effective way to evangelize and ensure the spiritual growth of new believers. A healthy local church is self-propagating, self-governing, and self-supporting. 

Second, we believe that local, indigenous efforts are most effective and fiscally responsible. Thus we emphasize mission agencies and opportunities which do not have to have to fight the cultural and fiscal battles which foreign missionaries inevitably face. Whenever possible, our desire is that we enjoy a relationship with the missionary who might be sent to another culture or land. The very best relationship exists when we "grow our own" and send them out. It is this for which we labor and pray as a mission team.

Mission Partners:

In addition to supporting various faith-based community organizations and outreach activities in our local community and short term mission trips for members of the MBC family, we also support the following foreign missions:

- Maher & Suhair Haddad/Atieh & Zineb Kadmous - Avant Ministries (Middle East)

- Zhazira Bayazitova - CRU (Kazakstan)

- Alfonso & Lillie Rodriguez - Renacer Comunidad Cristiana (Payson)

- Jim & Teri Baugh - Global Training Network (Worldwide)

- David Thevanithi/Rod & Kim Richards - IVCM (India)

- Names anonymous (South Asia)

- Country and names anonymous - Global Partners