Family Ministry Explained

Mission Statement

To reach young families connecting them deeply to Christ and others, and equipping parents and children to honor God with their lives and supporting them through all seasons of life.


1. Reach new families

2. Help family members develop a closer relationship with Christ

3. Equip family members to have healthy relationships

4. Grow strong connections between families

5. Connect families to the multi-generational church community

Who are “young families” specifically?

This includes anyone currently in the child-rearing years, embroiled in the daily task of raising children and youth to adulthood. This includes parents in various situations of single-parenting, as well as grandparents in the primary role of raising children. This even includes the newly married, establishing the foundation for a soon-to-be family. We want to support all those with the difficult task of daily raising children and youth.

Why young families?

Because the church needs them and they need the church. Families are the incubator of the next generation of leaders both for society and in the church. This creates a unique opportunity to make an impact for Christ on the lives of many at an early age. Reaching children through healthy Christian families, including parents, is far more effective than reaching children and youth alone. Studies confirm that the greatest influence on children and teenagers remains their family regardless of how it may appear. Instead of solely focusing on reactionary ministry, this focuses on transformed marriages and healthy family environments, creating a decidedly more preventative type of ministry.

Young families are some of the most vulnerable to attack as they are often going through stressful seasons of transition such as getting married, having a baby, changing/losing jobs, moving, and financial stress. With more demands and less time than ever, young adults and the families they lead are one of the fastest shrinking demographics attending church. With a generational mistrust of institutional church and opportunities for pseudo-community through social media, we are losing an essential group in the church.


We aim to bring hope and help to these families by offering the support of a loving Christian community. This community will marshall the resources of its older generation to come alongside the younger. The community will offer peer support, connection, and enjoyable ways to grow as families together on this journey of parenthood. The ministry will offer classes to bring parents new skills, advice, and ideas, as well as offering Bible studies to understand Biblical truths, offering guidance and spiritual growth.

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