Family Ministries

Supporting young families through all seasons of life.

MBC family ministries serves all those families involved in the various challenges of raising their children and youth (Infant-18) to adulthood.

Family Fuel on Wednesday Nights!

Facilitated by Pastor Billy Spalding

AUGUST 15    

Activity Center (Bldg. C) 5pm for pizza, ice cream, fun and fellowship!


(Breaks: Oct. 6, Nov. 24, ALL of December)

5-6             Meet in the Activity Center (Bldg. C) for dinner           (dinner will not be served after 5:50)

5:30-7:30  Childcare and KidzClub for infant - 5th grade

6:30-7:30  Adult Family Fuel Bible Study in the Ramada

6:30-8:30  Middle School Youth in the Activity Center (Bldg. C)