2019 Women's Spring Bible Studies

Kickoff Brunch, January 10th at 9:00 AM

MONDAY EVENINGS – (6:00 p.m.)

    Joseph – The Journey to Forgiveness by Melissa Spoelstra – Led by Donna Goble -  Cost $15  

    We all know what it’s like to be hurt or betrayed.  Sometimes we are the victim and other times we are the

    perpetrator.  The consequences of holding onto the hurt inflicted by others can cripple the way we view

    God, ourselves, and others.  God longs for us to learn to practice forgiveness.  As we study, we will relate to

    Joseph and learn to live a life of forgiveness. Room A107 Starts January 21

    Princess Unaware - Finding the Fabulous in Every Day by Brenda Garrison – Led by Jaimee

    Hilgendorf-Keeney -  Cost $13

    You are a Princess. But, if you’re wallowing in discouragement, succumbing to lies, or just drifting without

    direction, then you are a Princess Unaware. Don’t miss out on the rich, satisfying, Fabulous Life the King of

    kings wants for you. This 12 week study will empower you to escape the muck of fear and guilt; overcome

    the mire of the world’s expectations; battle enemies of the kingdom; & claim your identity. You are chosen by

    God to be His daughter, His princess. Stop wasting time on wishes. Start polishing your crown.

Room: Ramada Starts January 14



  A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 by W. Phillip Keller – Led by Patti Schumacher – Cost $7

    We have read this beautiful Psalm many times, but do we really understand all the language of it?  Words

    written so long ago, simple and sweet, can enrich our lives.  This 12 week study will help us see how we can

    apply these words to our lives today!

    Sweeter Than Chocolate – Psalm 119 by - by Pam Gillaspie – Led by Barbara Rush and Raenel

    Matthews – Cost $25

    This is a 6 lesson study of the greatest and longest Psalm.  We will discover insights, practical wisdom, and

     truths that will strengthen our walk and relationship with Jesus Christ.  This key chapter in Scripture points

     out the value of the Word of God.  We will discover that God’s Word is indeed “sweeter than chocolate.”

    Who is Jesus by Stonecroft – Led by Julie Whaley – Cost $7

    Jesus asked, “Who do you say that the son of Man is?”  In this 6 lesson study, we will pursue the truths in

    the Bible that will help us understand and relate to Jesus better.  He called God His Father, and said that

    those who had seen Him had seen God.  We will see God more clearly as we get to know Jesus better.  

    Defending Our Faith – Led by Jane Kramer – Cost $15

    There are so many questions about God and why we believe what we do.  Defending our faith is more than

    just saying the Bible says so; we have an obligation to be able to answer difficult questions when we are

    asked.  After this study, you will be able to defend your faith lovingly and truthfully.  This 12 week study will

    equip us to “Always be prepared to give an answer…”  1 Peter 3:15.


    Good Morning Girls Study Series – Romans – Led by Felicia Moore – Cost $9

    We will discuss how we can apply this book to our everyday lives, using the S.O.A.P. method of study.  The

    only homework is daily Scripture reading.  Once through Romans, we will study Joshua. This will be an

    ongoing group.  For more details you can call Felicia at 623-221-5049.

Room: Ramada, off campus on the second Friday of each month (location TBD) Starts January 18

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